Playing with Blocks
Kid hands holding clapper board for maki
Playing with Rings

At Therapy Through Play, we believe in the continual acquisition and integration of new skills and approaches. Approaches are carefully chosen based on the child's unique challenges and needs. At this time, we currently offer the following approaches:​​

  • Learn to Play: Created by Professor Karen Stagnitti (who Jesse was fortunate enough to learn under), this approach builds a child’s play skills, allowing them to move into other forms of Play Therapy, while working on their social, emotional and cognitive skills.

  • Family Learn to Play: Using the same principles as the Learn to Play program, parents or primary caregivers are encouraged to participate.

  • Systemic Play Therapy: For a child who has already developed their play skills. This continues on from the Learn to Play program and allows the child to process a wide range of personal challenges.

  • Filial Play Therapy: Parents are equipped with the tools and knowledge to use a selected range of Play Therapy skills at home, helping the child access the powers of play.

  • Filmmaking Therapy: An approach developed exclusively by Therapy Through Play. Filmmaking Therapy can work in conjunction with Systemic Play Therapy and Filial Play Therapy. This approach harnesses movie-making, script writing and drama elements.




At Therapy Through Play we understand Play Therapy is a new area of child psychology for many people, so please don't hesitate to ask any further questions!