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Playing with Blocks
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Playing with Rings

We are integrative in our approach, creating individual plans for every child. This means a flexibility in combining different approaches. Plans are carefully created based on the child's unique challenges and needs. Some examples of different approaches used are as follows:​​

  • Young Filmmaker Therapy™ : An approach developed exclusively by Therapy Through Play.  This approach harnesses movie-making, script writing and drama elements.

  • Learn to Play: This approach builds children’s imaginative play skills, allowing them to benefit from the therapeutic powers of play; helping with cognitive, emotional and social challenges.  

  • Family Learn to Play: Using the same principles as the Learn to Play program, parents/primary caregivers are encouraged to participate and learn skills themselves.

  • Humanistic Play Therapy: Through imaginative play, children can process a wide range of personal challenges via the therapeutic powers of play.

  • Sandplay Therapy: Using the power of sand and play, children are able to process challenges through a sensory and imaginatively driven approach.   

  • Filial Play Therapy: Parents are equipped with the tools and knowledge to use a selected range of Play Therapy skills at home, helping children access the therapeutic powers of play.
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