Therapy Through Play is a Play Therapy practice based in Melbourne, Australia.

Its founder, Jesse, undertook the most extensive form of Play Therapy training offered in Australia, graduating with a Master of Child Play Therapy from Deakin University, where he is now also a Play Therapy supervisor and staff member. 

Jesse doesn’t just believe in the benefits and joy of play- he lives it. With a background in the arts and film, including drama, writing, directing and producing, Jesse continues to create art to this day. He also has extensive experience in arts education, having taught drama in Australia and the UK, as well as holding qualifications in drama from both regions.


Jesse uses his background in the arts to develop new and exciting approaches and forums into Play Therapy, hoping to make it even more fun and accessible for children in need. These include, drama, writing and moviemaking based approaches.

Jesse is a registered member of the APPTA (Australasia Pacific Play Therapy Association), a staunch advocate for the promotion and education of mental health, a lifelong Melbourne Demons supporter, and a very proud husband and father.